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Senyum Teeth Whitening Strips 14 Treatments Dentist for Sensitive Teeth, Whitener Strips (14 sets)


  • The red version is a high-viscosity dry Teeth Whitening Strips that needs to be used for 60 minutes.
    The blue version is a gel-type wet teeth whitening strip that needs to be used for 30 minutes.
  • Professional Whitening: Senyum whitening strips remove years of teeth stains from coffee, black tea, or smoke very effective make your smile shining and confidence.
  • NO Sensitive: Enamel gentle for sensitive teeth whitening strips are designed whit professional dentist formulated, no sensitive, whitening your teeth visible after 7 days.
  • Natural Whitener: Rich in natural coconut oil, the strip can effectively reduce tooth sensitiveness, keep your breath fresh.
  • No-Slip: Senyum natural whitening strips for teeth Using the newest coating technology, tightly attached to the teeth, it will not fall off or shift from the teeth even the user swims, runs, or drinks water. it will bring a new, unparalleled teeth whitening experience.
  • 14 Treatments: Senyum whitening strip's include 14 strips, 14 for upper 14 for lower, twice per day, each treatment take 30 minutes, your 100% satisfied or your money back.